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This is THE TOOL your office needs to provide consistent and efficient workflows for all of our systems.  The training platform works on your workstation, and agents and team members are allowed to use this service!


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Our video training platform covers it all!

How do you train your team today?  For many, it involves taking the agent or a top team member out of production and putting them in charge of getting their coworker up to speed.  Now, with the click of a mouse, the best practices from 4 of the top agencies in the country are available on demand.

We've done the heavy lifting so that your office doesn't come to a grinding halt when someone needs to know how to do something.

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Best Practices

4 of the top performing agencies across the country collaborated to create all of our content.  No need to reinvent the wheel!

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Train your team from anywhere, any device, 24/7.

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As soon as something changes, you can count on a new video to teach your team what it means in the real world!

Your team will learn best practices for all of our systems, product transactions, and technology.

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Is there a discount for husband and wife agents?

I used TMT as a Team Member, and now I have my own agency.  Is there a discount?

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